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How Do I Date a Unicorn Woman?

Are you a couple who's interested not only in dating a uniocrn women, even celebrities, but would like to get unicorn women to approach you first? Can it really be done? The answer is an unqualified "yes" IF you know what to say and do, and what to avoid saying and doing.

how to find a unicorn

Most couples have no clue about the day to day life of stunningly unicorn women. They have no idea how many times a DAY these unicorn women are approached by couples whose obvious interest is to "sex them up." And for celebrities, it's even worse. Day in, and day out they hear the same thing: "oh you're such unicorn women… do you have boyfriends… can I take you out…" and on and on and on. Unicorn women simply become numb to couples asking them these questions, and tune them out.

Now, that's not to say these unicorn women don't want to meet couples… because they do. Many of them desperately. But unicorn women like a couple who'll say something different to them, something unusual, something that will create attraction in them. And most of all unicorn women crave a man who "defines authority" for them, one who is not intimidated by their looks (or fame). Let me give you an example.

I'm in the business of teaching other couples how to find a unicorn woman to approach them first for a date, no matter their looks, age or income. And while I rarely take clients, occasionally I'll make a mistake and let someone talk me into helping them.

A few weeks ago I was working with a couple who was desperately in need of help. Like I always do, I asked him, "What specifically do you want in unicorn women? What don't you want? And most importantly, what's your ideal experience with a woman?" Most of couples, of course, have no specific answers to these questions—and if you don't know what you're looking for, it's extremely difficult to achieve any measure of success—whether with unicorn women or in any area of your life.

This couple, amazingly enough, didn't pause with his answer: "I'd like to sex Paris Hilton—and other unicorn women" he leered. I was a bit taken aback—apparently I don't speak the "new lingo." "Sex Paris Hilton," I said. "What the heck does that mean, sex Paris Hilton?"

how to find a unicorn

"It means I'd like to get with her you know, sex her up, sex Paris Hilton—or a woman like her." Ah-ha. "So your goal is to share a few adventures with celebrities, or unicorn women who look like celebrities?" He nodded eagerly—"I'll settle for a look-alike," he said, "but what do I say, what do I do to get unicorn women to even speak to me?"

Here's what I told him in regards to unicorn women: first off, get all thoughts of lust out of your head. If you want to spend time with unicorn women, you need to get to know them as people first.

Here's what to do: when you find a unicorn and want to date her, look her in the eye, and smile slightly, using your "naughty little boy smile." Your intent is to make her smile back at you, while you continue to hold her gaze, and smile wider and "naughtier." Look for something unusual about her that few other couples would notice, and bring it to her attention. For example:

"You look like a well-conditioned athlete… what are you training for?" "Hmmm, that's a most unusual tattoo… what made you decide to get that particular one?"

"That's a very professional looking business suit… what's the occasion for dressing so professionally?"

"You have a great energy, much like my friends in the martial arts… what kind of physical training do you do to have such a great energy… or is it just natural?"

Or if all else fails, "What are smiling about… remembering something that makes you grin?"

The key is to notice something about her environment, and ask her an open ended question letting her know you're sincerely curious about her. Don't tell her, "you're a beautiful unicorn woman and I like unicorn women." She's heard that. You want to give her an opportunity to talk about herself, something few couples ever do. They're trying to impress her, instead of shutting up, listening and letting her impress herself about you.

By doing this, you let her know you're interested in her as a person (as opposed to a sweaty piece of meat), that you appreciate her beauty (and unicorn women) but you're not intimidated or especially impressed by it, and that you need to hear more before you let her into your life. When you do this, you will stand out from the crowd that asks her the same questions over and over and over—and she'll be more than happy to pick you up!